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Safety and use of medicines in mental health at the psychiatric hospital of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia) PDF Печать E-mail
Lilia E. Ziganshina3'*, Alexandra V. Kuchaeva3, Olga O. Vedernikova3, Foat F. Gatinb and Airat U. Ziganshinc
a Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Kazan State Medical Academy, Kazan, Russian Federation
b Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital, Kazan, Russian Federation
c Department of Pharmacology for Pharmaceutical Faculty, Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation

Abstract. Neuroleptics' safety and use survey was conducted with the aim to develop a drug use monitoring system at a regional psychiatric hospital as an efficient tool of improving use of anti-psychotics. 7080 Side-effects report slips included into the reg¬ular medical charts for the period of 4 years (2000-2003) and 385 medical charts for the twelve months of the year 1960 were studied. The total daily neuroleptic load was calculated with the help of Chlorpromazine equivalents and ATC/DDD method¬ology. It was confirmed that clinical form of paranoid schizophrenia, age and gender contribute to the increased susceptibility of patients to development of movement disorders: women, patients over 60 years of age and youngsters, and patients with cerebral-organic deficiency being the most vulnerable. The most common patterns of inadequate prescribing practice included needless overuse of neuroleptics; combination treatment of highly dosed neuroleptics; simultaneous prescribing of anticholin¬ergics (trihexyphenidyl) with neuroleptics; clozapine use only as a sedative component. Pharmacovigilance system proved to be an effective instrument in monitoring but not necessarily improving prescribing practices.

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